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In 1985 Junghans produced the first radio-controlled table clock in series. It is accurate to a single second in a million years. In 1990 we succeeded in miniaturising the radio control technology to the extent that it fitted into a wristwatch. The result: Mega 1, the world's first radio-controlled wristwatch. Advanced technology in a futuristic design. In 1993 Junghans achieved another global sensation with the Mega Solar. The autonomous wristwatch draws its energy from the sun, whilst the radio signal that it receives means it always displays the exact time. In 2004 came the first multi-frequency radio-controlled wristwatch, receiving time signals on three continents. Since 2011 the extra-slim J615.84 multi-frequency radio-controlled movement has been utilised. Today, radio-controlled watches still offer high-precision comfort. Time does not stand still on the path to absolute precision. Neither do we.

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