EUTec- Carbon - black / red - leather/rubber strap

EUTec- Carbon - black / red - leather/rubber strap

The new watch straps of the EUTec series are a real innovation. The combination of silicone as the strap material and genuine leather with a carbon-look gives the watch strap not only an extraordinary appearance, but also special wearing characteristics. It ensures breathability at the wrist allowing sweat and moisture to escape, making it an ideal companion during physical activity.

33,25 €

39,90 € incl. VAT

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Availability: In stock at the supplier
Delivery date: 05.11.2020

Producer: Eulit

  •  Material types: leather with silicone
  •  Colour: black with red stitching
Strap width: 20 mm, 22 mm, 24 mm
Color: black

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