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The Legatum by K Grün & Söhne is the genesis of a new luxury Swiss brand. Purposely set up to challenge the school of thought that for a watch to be high quality and Swiss it has to be expensive. With many decades of experience in horology and manufacturing we don't believe this has to be the case.

Using the highest quality materials, including a proprietary steel compound twice as scratch resistant as steels currently used by the major brands the Legatum also sources the best of the Swiss movements. But this is just the start. Not content with Swiss movements, the founder Kev Green scoured the globe looking for someone he believed in; A product with the same ethos as him, a watchmaker with talent. Along came Biatec and it's owner Peter Kozar.

Peter brought with him his knowledge of bringing affordable luxury to the market with his Slovakian based watch companies and it wasn't difficult to bring him on board to oversee our Swiss production. The Legatum has received a global presence thanks to choosing social media as a platform. Well, social media chose us.

Founder Kev Green started K Grün & Söhne as a result of creating a legacy. Having been diagnosed with a brain tumour and a wife with breast cancer, Kev wanted to share his successful past and give back— not only to cancer research charities but to his fellow watch enthusiasts. It's this legacy that's the driving force behind the brand.

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"The Legatum is just the beginning," states Kev. "Peter and myself have big plans ahead." "With our combined experience and synergistic values we are committed to making our brand one of the named Swiss brands brought to the masses." "By minimising profit margins to an unprecedented level we've put satisfaction first."

"This will mean never compromising on quality," to the contrary. Many watchmakers and designers want to join in with the legacy because of its values. This in itself is the biggest asset we have—belief. All of us at K Grün & Söhne believe in the cause to raise awareness and funds for cancer and brain tumour research whilst creating a brand to use as a platform to accommodate this—the Legacy goes from strength to strength.

The Legatum - Where life is limited, time is timeless, but legacies live on.

Kev Green




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